Emotion emanates from the sounds of our world. ‘The Tension of Opposites’ is an orchestral exploration of life in an effort to increase awareness of the more pertinent issues challenging our society.

The Tension of Opposites is a large-scale contemporary work written for symphony orchestra, mixed chorus, tape and soloists. It is a work that deals with humanity, diversity, and the major life issues we all face as human beings on this earth. The concept of The Tension of Opposites was first introduced by the philoer Carl Jung, who wrote about the reality of the many forces pulling human beings in opposite directions during their lifetime.

By exposing the emotional content of life, The Tension of Opposites explores the similarities and differences between the opposite events that we experience as human beings. For instance, is the sound of laughing and crying closer than we think; is the sound of pleasure and pain closer or more divergent than we expect? What about the moment when life begins and ends?